Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Designer- Running with a Sandwich

100% Made & Designed in Perth!

Jan (Jammie), Ben and Bewley are the Sanger Makers Extraordinaire behind the quirky card collection produced by Running with a Sandwich.

Jammie (1st sandwich layer) loves being surrounded by beautiful objects, quirky pieces, and unloved oddities, which is why she is responsible for the inspiration behind the cards.

Bewley (2nd layer) is the photographer, responsible for making the inanimate come alive through the lens and to express their intent.

Ben, the 3rd and final layer in the sandwich, is responsible for the unique names and the less fun job of bill paying. These three layers fit together beautifully to create the ultimate sandwich and therefore the ultimate in greeting cards!

I really like the quirky nature of this card range and with over 68 different images to choose from there is something to suit everyone from kids through to the difficult "man" card!

The complete range is available to buy online now

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