Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Taste of NEW Ali J Designs for 2011

Ali is busily working on new designs for her product launch in March 2011.
Here are some of her new images- let me know what you think!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas for 2010

Well it is nearly 10pm on Christmas eve as I write this. Father Christmas will be here soon!

Its been a really interesting year meeting new designers, developing new relationships and generally enjoying what I do.

We are closed over Christmas and my wholesale webshop will be open from the 14th of Jan 2011.

Please note that all the Ali J and Formosa Design products will be unavailable to order until March 2011.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone and I look forward to sharing 2011 with you.


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

WINNER-Outsource Marketing- 2010 Subiz Awards "Best Home Based Business Award"

At the Awards dinner last week, Outsource Marketing was announced the 2010 category Winner of the Subiaco Business Association, Subiz “Best Home Based Business” award.
This inaugural award recognizes the contribution made by local business to the Subiaco business community. The MC for the evening, Greg Pearce, from Channel 9 News announced the nominees and winners across the 11 categories to the 200 strong crowd.
The category was sponsored by the Small Business Development Corporation, which was rather fitting as I attended some of their courses when I was setting up my business.
A very big thank you to the designers I represent, without your beautiful products my business would not exist. 
Plus a big thank you to the lovely shops that buy my products for your ongoing support.
Let's Celebrate!

Beautiful Zilpah Tart Handmade Origami Flower Brooches

With over 30 different fabric combinations to choose from, these beauties are handmade by Yumi in her Canberra studio. They retail for $33 each.

Please contact me for the wholesale prices or check out the website

They also have matching origami flower hairpins that can also be viewed on our website too.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Last month I entered my business, Outsource Marketing, under the “Best Home Based Business” category in the Subiz Awards (Subiaco Business Awards).

The awards recognize flourishing business in the Subiaco area.

The category I have entered is sponsored by the government’s Small Business Development Corporation.

I find out later this month if I have won- so everyone please keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

NEW Designer- Zilpah tart from Canberra

Zilpah tart is a Canberra based label run by designer, Yumi Holder. The label name, Zilpah tart was the name of her late grandmother who left her a 1940's brooch of a penny farthing, which inspired the design of the logo. Yumi completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) in 2007 and regularly visits Japan where she sources all the fabrics used in her products.

What & Where
Zilpah tart handbags and accessories (Hairpins & Brooches) are 100% handcut and handmade with love in Yumi's Canberra studio.

There are 5 different handbag styles with over 35 different fabric combinations to choose from.

She creates limited designs in beautiful fabric combinations that make each handbag and accessory truly unique and individual.

To view the Zilpah tart Wholesale range online click here

Ali in Dwellingup with Solo Exhibition

Ali launches her solo exhibition, "Close To Me" this coming Sunday 10th October 2010 in Dwellingup, WA. Further details on flyer- GOODLUCK ALI!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

NEW Designer- Formosa Design from Canberra

formosa , latin for ‘beautiful’, is frequently used in the naming of Australian plants.  

Formosa Design is an environmentally aware business creating contemporary designed products that focus exclusively on Australian flora & fauna. The 2010 debut collection is based on 5 unique designs.

The debut product range consists of cushions, purses, t-shirts, tea towels, purses, fabric brooches & fabric magnets.

  • CONTEMPORARY AUSTRALIANA- designs focus exclusively on Australian flora and fauna
  • 100% HANDMADE- designed, printed & sewn by Jen in her Canberra studio
  • ECO-FRIENDLY- 100% organic cotton/hemp used with water based inks
  • DIVERSE RANGE- cushions, t-shirts, tea towels, purses, fabric brooches & magnets
  • ORIGINAL DESIGNS- created by Jen herself!

Jennifer Berney was born and raised in Perth, WA, where she completed a BA in Design majoring in Illustration. She has worked as a designer on leading brands including the Perth International Arts Festival and Rosendorffs. After moving to Canberra mid 2008 Jen took the opportunity to realise her dream of running her own sustainable business and Formosa Design was born.

Jen is passionate about the importance of our Australian natives, therefore Formosa Design focuses exclusively on Australian flora and fauna. Jen would like her product range to inspire people to plant Australian natives in their gardens thus attracting our local wildlife.

When & Where
The 2010 Formosa Design Debut Wholesale Collection is now available to view and buy online at or email for a wholesale catalogue and price list.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Notebook Arrivals from Little Mo and Friends

We have two new wholesale notebook designs available in the eco-friendly range from the lovely Helena at Little Mo and Friends.

                                                          "Little Birdy in the Woods"


Visit our wholesale website to buy online here

NEWS FLASH- Products from Two of Our Talented Designers in JULY/AUG 2010 issue of giftrap magazine!

Check out the products from Little Mo and Friends and Running with a Sandwich, two of the designers I represent with some of their amazing and unique products in the latest issue of Giftrap Magazine.

Giftrap is the official magazine of the industry body, gift & homewares Australia.

Monday, August 2, 2010

We are Back from Holidays!

I had a fantastic time in ye olde fayre England during July- lots of castles, pints and cute thatch roof cottages.
I took this pic of this cute sausage dog that was relaxing in the front window of a shop in Rye- it has such soulful eyes- I wanted to put it in my pocket and take it home.

I traveled England with my trusty, zig zag- "the near future" bag which is designed by Sydneysider Nicole Law of the near future. You can buy her bags (RRP) direct from
or if you are a shop from WA or SA and would like to buy some wholesale then please contact me.
Here is another pic of me with my bag below- it was very comfortable and can carry LOADS of stuff.

It was very hot in England and the flowers were in full bloom!

There were also alot of fantastic stores and this store in the Great Dixter gardens was no exception.

Well back to work now and I have some fab new Australian designers to introduce to you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Are on a Break!

We are away on our mid-year break (yay!) so the office will be closed from 10th June and back to business on Monday 5th July.

Any orders received via our website will be cheerfully addressed when we return!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Franc Essentials- Beautiful Perth Skincare Range

I am pleased to introduce Chantal Vanderhaeghen from Franc Essentials, a Perth based natural skincare range. I met Chantal at a Women in Business Networking event last year and was impressed with the quality and marketing of her products. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale or retail from Franc Essentials then I encourage you to visit their website.

Please provide a brief description of your business
Chantal Vanderhaeghen has been passionately involved in natural skincare since 1996. Raised in health-conscious Switzerland, it was second nature for Chantal to embrace natural healthcare principles. After completing a double major in language in Australia and a post graduate degree in administration, Chantal's subsequent years of work as a holistic massage and facial practitioner provided the opportunity to intimately study a complete range of skin types and their response to products on the market.

The fact that so many of these products fell short of their promise and often caused reactions to sensitive skin ignited a fire in Chantal. She soon found herself on an impassioned quest to find natural skincare solutions suited, initially, to Australia's unique climate - a climate that encourages outdoor enjoyment, but frequently results in dry, dehydrated-looking skin, accentuated wrinkles and lines, reduced oil gland activity and loss of elasticity. It became clear that carefully combined natural ingredients have the power to nourish and enhance skin the world around, no matter the conditions.

Chantal worked with respected cosmetic scientist Jeanette Kemert to develop the Franc range and also endeavoured to build ecological sustainability into her business with the use of environmentally aware packaging and production methods. Chantal’s product ingredients are safe and, where possible, organic, with no fillers or bulking agents, and just the barest minimum of a chemical preservative to protect the products’ integrity. Chantal has developed labelling that is honest and detailed.
Chantal believes openness and integrity – of product, business operations and marketing – are the cornerstones of successful business and that is why the business is called Franc Essential.

What motivated you to establish your business?
I have been working with clients for years massaging and loved the results that I saw from using essential oils. There was the concern about all the harmful chemicals that are being used in products and how it was not only affecting our health but also our environment. In addition, I wanted to create a skin care range that was elegant, easy to use and to bring the magic of nature into our lives. To me it just seems a logical way to go, particularly when the ingredients are used to their optimum and in the correct manner.

Who is your main target market?
Women who are interested in what they are using, who want a skin care range that delivers on what it promises, who want it to be easy and simple to use. I am now approaching friends and clients to host parties for me so the brand and its values can be spread further through having fun, education, sharing of stories, learning how to use your products correctly in the comfort of your home.

What are your favourite products and why?
That is a difficult question to answer. I must say my favourites are the Franc Vital and Serum combined and the Melt as I love the texture aroma and how good my skin feels afterwards; glowing, fresh, well nurtured, and loved.

What aspect of your work do you enjoy the most?
I love meeting women and connecting with them. We all have so much to share and talk about and the product is the medium to this. I love seeing women enjoying using the products and it enhancing their sense of self and well being. It becomes a part of your life and your own values. It is give and take as this keeps me motivated and positive and nourished.

What is the greatest professional challenge you have faced since starting your business?
Again another difficult question to answer as I had no idea really at the time what I was letting myself in for. There is just so much to learn and take into account. I suppose the greatest challenge is believing in myself and getting it out there.

What do you believe is essential for a successful online retail store?
That it is accessible, easy to use, informative, interesting, approachable and that you respond promptly to any queries or orders.

What one piece of advice would you give to people interested in establishing their own business?

Just do it, because if you think about it too much you may put yourself off. And do not listen to nay sayers as it often says more about them than you. Do some homework first just to get a feel for what you are letting yourself in for and talk to others who have already started their own business. Ask, ask, ask. There is no shame in asking because you do not know. That is something I have had to deal with, even it is so illogical as how can you know everything? I just did not want to look like a failure.

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?
That it is national, ie Australia wide supporting women and the community in all sorts of ways. It is important to keep this in mind as it is more that just the product, it is the brand and its values that I also want to spread.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Designer- Running with a Sandwich

100% Made & Designed in Perth!

Jan (Jammie), Ben and Bewley are the Sanger Makers Extraordinaire behind the quirky card collection produced by Running with a Sandwich.

Jammie (1st sandwich layer) loves being surrounded by beautiful objects, quirky pieces, and unloved oddities, which is why she is responsible for the inspiration behind the cards.

Bewley (2nd layer) is the photographer, responsible for making the inanimate come alive through the lens and to express their intent.

Ben, the 3rd and final layer in the sandwich, is responsible for the unique names and the less fun job of bill paying. These three layers fit together beautifully to create the ultimate sandwich and therefore the ultimate in greeting cards!

I really like the quirky nature of this card range and with over 68 different images to choose from there is something to suit everyone from kids through to the difficult "man" card!

The complete range is available to buy online now

Ali J at Life In Style Trade Fair

We are excited to be exhibiting at the First in Style section at Life in Style this Feb 2010.

We will be representing our Perth designer, Ali J at the trade fair. You will find us listed as an exhibitor under the name Ali J at First In Style.

Please drop in to say Hi and check out our range!

New Designer- Little Mo and Friends!

I am very are excited to introduce you to one of our new designers to join the OM family in 2010- LITTLE MO and FRIENDS!

Little Mo and Friends produce an environmentally friendly range of beautifully packaged products including notebooks, gift tags, tote bags, art prints, greeting cards, postcards and paper dolls.

All the products are made in Australia and as Little Mo and Friends is committed to being a sustainable green business, the majority of paper products are printed on 100% Recyclable paper.

Helena Tay is the talented Perth designer behind the label, working vigorously in her home studio, drawing and developing new products for The Little Mo and Friends range.

The full product range is available to view and buy online at