Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Greeting Card Designer- Nic Hohn from QLD

Nic Hohn is an artsy girl wanting to change the world and make it a better place.
With a background in visual arts, she now enjoys creating in the world of mixed media. Her artworks are created with nostalgic and repurposed materials such as recycled papers, opshop finds and collected treasures.

“Creating has always been part of me. I can't ever remember not making something. And it was always with glue and paint and paper and fabric. It’s innate. I love scrumptious thick paint. I love rich textures. I love finding out what makes us tick and art that has meaning. I love lace and old world charm. I love daring colour and moody muted tones. I love vintage trinkets. I love being inspired. I love hearts. I love the unusual in places of beauty.”

The beautiful images on her card range are from her original artworks and all uniquely Nic!

Apart from being an artistic whiz, Nic is also a nurturing Mum to 2 amazing kids, wife to a loving man who enjoys fishing and companion to her energetic Border collie dog.
Nic lives by the sea in QLD and enjoys being creative daily. 

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