Thursday, December 10, 2009

RETAILER REVIEW: Collection of Cool

We talk to Anthea and Cass, the sisters behind super fab Australian online retail site, Collection of Cool.

Describe your business, Collection of Cool.

We strive to provide a retail experience not found elsewhere. It is an online store selling products with a design edge, that are unique, interesting and not readily available in mainstream stores. We like to think of our store as 'High Street' shopping, online. Anthea brings ideas, writing and editing while Cass markets the business in creative ways, and of course spreads the news through positive word of mouth.

What inspired you to establish Collection of Cool?

The general need for better choice when it comes to shopping and a love of beautifully designed things.

What is the greatest professional challenge you have faced since starting your business?

Shipping! Not only is it totally dull, it is really hard to figure out the easiest and most cost effective way for our customers - plus then implementing the system into the website.

What do you believe is essential for a successful online retail store?

Be creative, do things differently and try to inspire.

What inspires you when selecting products?

Australian designed and ethically made is one inspiration, along with an impressive aesthetic, quality and hipness.

What are your favourite products and why?

Anthea is a huge fan of eclectic stationery and loves the retro vintage gift tags by Percival Road and the Cavallini & Co range. I love photography too so I need to get a Polariod Po Go. Cass is in love with all the Thomas Paul and Danica Studio melamine dining ware. She thinks the notelet and writing sets are some of the cutest things she's seen. We both love OTTO Espresso - who wouldn't?

Where do you see your business in 5 years time?

Many more new and exciting products, plus we hope to include a vintage category. Many visitors every day, shopping, providing feedback which we may post live and/or a blog, as well as a really comprehensive "Other stuff we like" section to bring people back again and again.

Click here to visit Collection of Cool website

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