Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NEW Designer- Zilpah tart from Canberra

Zilpah tart is a Canberra based label run by designer, Yumi Holder. The label name, Zilpah tart was the name of her late grandmother who left her a 1940's brooch of a penny farthing, which inspired the design of the logo. Yumi completed a Bachelor of Design (Fashion Design) in 2007 and regularly visits Japan where she sources all the fabrics used in her products.

What & Where
Zilpah tart handbags and accessories (Hairpins & Brooches) are 100% handcut and handmade with love in Yumi's Canberra studio.

There are 5 different handbag styles with over 35 different fabric combinations to choose from.

She creates limited designs in beautiful fabric combinations that make each handbag and accessory truly unique and individual.

To view the Zilpah tart Wholesale range online click here http://www.outsourcemarketing.com.au/shop/Handbags/Zilpah-tart

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